Why Use Us?

Ease of Access & Cost-Effective

OJEU Finder was established to provide cost-effective and straightforward access to public sector contracts.

Our reporting service eliminates the need for individuals to have expertise, training, to use and or develop/maintain/use tools or web-based services. The result saves our clients time and money, produces better search results and provides easy access to content.

Additional UK Tenders (Non OJEU) & Low Value Tenders

In addition to OJEU tenders, we source high and low-value non OJEU notices published all over the UK and Ireland. Combining these into a single point of access offers you an efficient one-stop solution saving both time and money .Our services grants access to all major publishers across the UK and Ireland.

Personalised Content Delivery

Here at OJEU Finder, we are always willing to try and meet the individual needs of our clients. We are very much against the idea that "one size fits all". Being able to adapt and offer custom methods for content delivery is essential to our company.

Competitive Rates

Our low weekly subscription rate is just £9 (around a third of the cost of competing services). Our continued efforts to improve services for our subscribers and optimise our systems for delivery enable us to keep our prices lower than ever. Our annual subscription rate has remained the same for over 20 years.

Ongoing Updates

All of our systems were built in-house from the ground up. How we deliver content continuously evolves to keep up with developments in new technologies.

Reliable Services

OJEU Finder is a welcoming family operated business. We have a well established reputation delivering content and tender related services since 1994..